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    Natural Baby Granule Matic Soap

    Natural Baby Granule Matic Soap

    • 1 KG
    • 30 Wash
    • Made from 100% Vegetable Oils
    • It has been specially developed for the laundry of babies and adults with sensitive skin.
    • Made from 100% vegetable oils
    • You can safely use it in your baby's laundry from the first day.
    • Easily cleans tough stains and dirt on your baby's laundry.
    • Suitable for vegans.
    • It dissolves quickly in water, does not leave traces and residues on the laundry.
    • Life by Fakir is a 1st class granular soap.
    • 1 Kilogram
    • Certificates: Vegan and Ecomark
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