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Saruhan Kimya and Cleaning Products Inc., a subsidiary of Saruhan Holding, which incorporates the technology brand Fakir Hausgeräte established in Germany, fulfilled the conditions of TSE Covid-19 hygiene, infection prevention, control certification program and received the "TSE Covid-19 Safe Production Certificate". “He deserved it.

Saruhan Kimya, which provides production and service in the cleaning and hygiene category in the form of household, industrial and raw materials, has been producing high quality and environmentally friendly cleaning and hygiene products in liquid, powder and raw material form for important brands in the Turkish and international detergent markets since 1997.

Underlining that they are in a leading position in the sector with an approach that follows the technological developments and consumer expectations in the world, offers nature and human-friendly, solution-oriented and innovative products, Saruhan Kimya ve Cleaning Products Inc. Marketing Manager Zeynep Mercan said, “First of all, we are happy and proud to have been awarded the Covid-19 Safe Production Certificate. As a company, we have once again proven our reliability with the high-level measures we take and the practices that fully observe the health of our employees, with production in accordance with hygiene standards. We will continue to implement our efforts in this direction meticulously and resolutely.

As Saruhan Kimya, it is always our primary goal to provide added value to the country's economy by transforming what we earn in our country into investment. However, we will never give up on our principle of striving to make the world a more livable place by contributing to the sustainability of nature with our environmentally friendly renewable energy initiatives. We are taking firm steps towards becoming a world brand by prioritizing quality in international competition, with a people-oriented approach with environmental and consumer awareness.” said.

Saruhan Chemistry and Cleaning Products Inc., which became an R&D center with the approval of the Ministry of Industry and Technology in 2017, in its modern and fully automated production facility in Çorlu; produces 100,000 tons of powder, 50,000 tons of liquid detergent and 30,000 tons of detergent raw materials LABSA and SLES annually.


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