Markalarimiz Fakir EN


Saruhan Chemistry and Cleaning Products Inc. Under the motto of "Hygiene and Healthy Life Everywhere", Fakir Cleaning and Hygiene brand offers a wide range of hygiene solutions from laundry to carpets, wooden surfaces to bathroom-kitchen, air conditioners to summer-winter auto care products.

Fakir Cleaning and Hygiene makes a difference in the hygiene-cleaning market with its innovative products developed with cutting-edge technology and meticulous R&D studies. Antibacterial Laundry Hygiene, Fakir Carpet Shampoos, Fakir Parkett and Magic Wood Surface Cleaners, Fakir LCD Cleaner Screen Cleaner, which destroy bacteria by 99.9% even at poor 30 degrees, are among the household group cleaning products of the brand.

In Automobile Care products; Radiator antifreeze, anti-fog, rain slider, defroster, glove box cleaner, tire cleaner and shiner, car interior cleaner, rim cleaner and shiner, there are summer-winter product series.

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