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    White & Colored Care

    White & Colored Care

    • 1500 ML
    • 15 Wash
    • Ministry of Health Biocidal License Date and Number: 01.09.2020 - 2020/212
    • Fakir Antibacterial Laundry Hygiene destroys 99.9% of bacteria even at 30 degrees.
    • Thanks to its ability to destroy bacteria even at 30 degrees, high temperatures such as 60-90 degrees are not required to ensure hygiene in colored laundry; Thus, the colors of the clothes are preserved and hygiene is ensured, and energy savings are achieved by washing at low temperatures.
    • It is sufficient to add it to the fabric softener reservoir when you start washing the laundry. It can be used with or without fabric softener.
    • Suitable for use in all laundry
    • It removes bad odors.
    • It can be used both in the washing machine and by hand washing.

    Instruction manual:
    It is appropriate to use Fakir Antibacterial Laundry Hygiene from cold to 60°C washing.
    For automatic washing machine: A washing program suitable for the laundry is selected and detergent is added. Add 2 caps (87 ml) to the fabric softener part of the Antibacterial Laundry Disinfectant.
    For hand washing: 1 cap (43.5 ml) of product is added to 2 liters of water and the laundry is left for 10 minutes, then rinsed.

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