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SARUHAN CHEMICAL AND CLEANING PRODUCTS INDUSTRY AND TRADE INCORPORATED COMPANY (“Saruhan Chemical”), acts as data controller in terms of (“Website”) management. This Cookie Policy has been prepared to inform and enlighten the visitors about the cookies used on the Website.

  1. Cookies

The cookies and similar technologies (“cookie”) are the cookies placed on the smart devices such as phones, computers and tablets in order to function properly, develop and optimize the Website, to make necessary improvements in user experience and to measure the density on the Website. The cookies allow the server to recognize the visitor and may include some personal information that identifies the visitor.

The cookie is used in order to ensure the healthy and efficient operation of the Website, to enable its users to navigate on the Website and to benefit from all the features of the Website, to develop and improve the Website. The cookies used on the Website and the data collected are not used by us in order to identify visitors.

1.1 Absolutely Necessary Cookies

The absolutely necessary cookies are required to operate the Website and may not be deactivated. These cookies enable you to use the features that correspond to your demands such as to navigate on the Website and determine the cookie preferences, to log in or to fill the forms. Thanks to use of the cookies, it enables the visitor to have the interrupted experience when the Website is re-visited by remembering the information about the visitors or in case of navigating on different pages within a single session. If you block these cookies by using your browser, some parts of the Website may not operate properly.

1.2 Functional Cookies

The functional cookies allow the Website to remember your details and preferences (such as your language or region) and provide personalized features. These cookies may also be used in order to remember the changes to remember changes in text size, fonts or other parts of the Website that you can customize. The information collected by these cookies may be kept secret and cannot monitor your browsing activity on other websites. If you block these cookies by using your browser, some or all of these functions may not operate properly.

1.3 Performance Cookies

The performance cookies enable to create report by collecting information about the actions taken by the visitors, such as the most visited pages, the most clicked links, the error messages encountered, the duration of the visit in order to monitor and analyse the performance of the Website, and thus the development and improvement of the Website. The cookie information may be shared with cookie provider third parties at home and abroad for these purposes.

1.4 Targeting/Advertising Cookies

The advertising cookies are used for purposes such as to show advertising on topics of their interest, prevent showing of the same advertisings again and to measure the impact of an advertising campaign. Thanks to the advertising cookies, the visits to the Website are remembered and the said information may be shared with cookie provider third parties and business partners.

  1. Which Cookies Do We Use?

Cookie Function

Cookie Name

Cookie Provider

Cookie Purpose

Retention Period

Absolutely Necessary



It is used to remember visitors in different windows within the same session.

During the session




It is used to present popular results within the search made by the visitors on the website.

3 days




It is used in order to process the user's demand and to create statistics on the website traffic.

10 minutes


  1. Cookie Preferences

The visitors give approval for use of the cookies in accordance with this Cookie Policy and relevant legislation and to share third-party cookies with relevant domestic and international cookie providers by visiting Website and determining the cookie preferences. In addition, the visitors have the opportunity to reject all or some of the cookies used on the Website. However, if mandatory or functional cookies are rejected, all functions of the Website may not be accessible, there may be some restrictions on access, or the Website may not operate properly. 

The visitors may change their cookie approval and rejection preferences by clicking the link below or alternatively, may perform them from the settings menu of the internet browser that they use. The cookies saved in the past may also be deleted through the relevant browser. If you have difficulty to access the relevant settings section of your browser, you may access the cookie settings menu by using the links below or the "Help" menu in your browser.

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  1. Safety

The necessary safety measures that are made possible by current technology are taken in order to access the visitors to the Website in the safest manner and protect the personal data. In the meantime, the safety measures are taken in order to use the data approved by the visitors without corruption and only for the period required for the purpose of use. In addition, the visitors should take the precautions against the inherent risks of the activities via internet such as devices or software used by visitors and social engineering risks.